Wednesday, 12 November 2014

M2GT Day 2

Here is the second in a 2 part blog post detailing my games in the Malifaux GT.

 I return to York Garrison after a a decent amount of sleep, unlike some, and decide that now is the best opportunity to paint myself green. The costume really was last minute, but now that I have been named officially unofficially as Malifaux 'Enforcer' many at the club deemed it absolutely necessary that I dress up as Lenny. Well, I guess most of them didn't have to look at me for the day!

 Anyway after a bit of a shake up in the tables to make sure people aren't playing the same opponents again, I end up playing another new face. Mr Pete Wright.

I'll hold my hand up now and say I was a little nervous going into this. I only knew Pete from twitter and he says himself he has a bit of a temper (I don't know how else to put this). A joking comment made by Lee about him flipping the table if I won did nothing to settle my doubts though. Pete is, however, a really nice guy. He was really friendly and we had an absolutely fantastic game. If you are reading this Pete, you give yourself too much grief. I think we had a cracking game and I really enjoyed it. You are a great opponent.

 Anyway, onto the actual game itself. It was Squatters and I too the following:

+Family Tree
+Liquid Bravey
+Dirty Cheater
2 Bayou Gremlins
Slop Hauler
Burt Jebson
+Dirty Cheater
+gun for a lady

Pete took

+make people a beast
+put beasts on negatives
+trail of the gods (+3 walk, +2 damage, melee expert)
+4 cards when she turns into a cat
Blessed of December

We both took entourage unrevealed on our masters, though I think we both guessed what the other had taken! and breakthrough announced.

 The game started with an agressive advance from Pete to get the markers quickly, whilst my crew turned into more dudes and got healed and the Bayou's bimbled around. Once Pete had gone Gracie marched up the fielding, getting trixxie to grab a marker, Burt to kill a silurid and herself to inneffectually charge the blessed. A skeeter launched himself onto the marker unclaimed by the silurid. The blessed in the next turn leaped to charge Burt but failed to kill him. pushing into combat with another gremlin. Marcus killed the skeeter who was blocking the silurid from claiming the marker and then got back into cover. The slop hauler charged the blessed and made it defence four, which meant the couple of Bayou Gremlins and eventually Som'er charged and killed it (though I unfortunately failed to turn it into a pig). The began the long grind between Burt and Waldgeist.
 Both Burt and the Walgeist flailed inneffectually at each other varying help from trixxie, a slop hauler and Myranda. Som'er shot the second Walgeist and cheated in the red joker for damage to kill him in one go and take significant damage from Myranda. Marcus by this time had rocketed into my deployment zone, ruining the gremlins who were dawdling there. The Silurid on that flank returned to try and block trixxie from claiming one of his markers, but gracie moved her with saddle to disengage. Myranada was not killed and turned herself into a cat, but equally was unable to kill Som'er. Marcus put more than enough markers for his breakthrough and the other pair of Bayous planted mine. With the loss of the marker at the end, however and without the models to kill mine I managed to sneak a minor victory. Which I think was 9-8 or 9-7 (I can't remember which turn the marker was lost!)

 So I was now on 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. I could still be in with a chance of that coveted 7th place and the big hat! One more game stood in my way, however...

The announcement was called and I thought I was playing Joe Taylor. I had messed up and I was actually playing Joe Wood. Which made 5 of my 6 opponents that I had not had the honour of meeting before. He was going to be using Guild and Criid in Turf War. I don't really having any experience against Guild other than Hoffman, but vaguely knowing this meant explosions, but decided that I did not want to take a crew to specifically fight that. I instead chose:

+Dirty Cheater
Whiskey Golem
Bayou Gremlin

This really was a mistake on my part. I had about 3 games prior to this with the Brewmaster, so wasn't the best choice for the last game, and the little experience I did have said that he did not like being shot... which is what Guild, especially Sonnia, does. You can see where this is going...

Joe took:

+stuff including summoning from dead stuff
Witchling Handler
Brutal effigy

I took deliver a message and plant evidence revealed. he took plant evidence with breakthrough unrevealed

 I am not going to go to in depth with this game because, too put it bluntly, I was shot off the board. Most of his crew simply took cover behing a large water wheel and buffed Sonnia, who then shot things off the board. A couple of stalkers moved onto one flank to plant markers. I did manage to obey fingers into the cluster and deliver the message with reckless and put loads of markers down for plant evidence. But Joe simply did not even try to score on turn 2 and the removed all my models from the table by turn 4. Turn 5 he had just enough ap to remove all my markers to deny my plant evidence which made the final score. 9-5. Brutal.

 So at the end of the day I am on 3 wins, 2 losses and a draw and that places me at 23rd, the worst in the North East! This did leave me a little dissapointed, but I later learnt that Joe is high ranked player and that even if our scores were reversed that I would have only come 8th, so not good enough! I did, however, have an absolutely cracking time and some really fun games, so big thanks to all my opponents. I even managed to walk home with a trophy, this is for the best display board at the event! Massive thank you to all the sponsors, who made sure everyone went home with some truly terrific stuff. I got a Whiskey Golem sent over from Wyrd, some soulstone poker chips, and a measuring device and crate from the lovely bendyboards. I would also like to thank the TOs for putting on such a wicked smooth event.

I really had a great time, I can't wait until next year! Tomorrow look I'll publish my contentious 'what I learned' post. Until then.

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