Saturday, 31 January 2015

Tale of Malifaux Bloggers. From Big Hat to Haberdasher

 It has been some time since I posted on here. This has partly been due to a lack of keen and partly due to real life, starting a new job. I am hoping this new project will get me in to posting again.

So what is this new project. Well that filthy southner' Ben Sime has decided he'd like a whole bunch of Malifaux players to take part in recording painting and purchases in the game. It's structured in the same way as the old White Dwarf articles called 'Tale of 4 gamers' where you'd have a budget each month of what you can buy. In the first month you get £40 to start your crew and then each month after that is £15. I'll be honest, I got alot of what I wanted for Christmas so I am largely just going to be shoe-horning my models into these categories. The important thing, however, is that you need to paint all of the models each month. I have until the 9th of March to get my first months purchases completed so wish me luck.

 So what have I gone for? Well, in reflection on a previous blog post, I decided to start Seamus some time ago. To specify, for the first month I have chosen:

Shadows of Redchapel - £27:99
Bete Noir - £6:50

I am assuming I can save some of my coinage from month to month, hence I haven't tried to scrape for the pennies.

I don't think I have to justify why, if one wants to start using Seamus, one buys the Shaddows of Redchapel box set, but it might be good to go over what's in it.

Seamus - What a loveable dapper chap! What I like about Seamus is that I feel I still have lots of options for what he can do. His gun does desperately want to perforate folk, but without the ability to fire it more than once I don't see him as a mass damage master. I tend to run him with the bag of tools because I find the play style much more entertaining. I'd probably say sinister reputation is better, but I have always felt a bit naked without the tools. I think I have also found that because the tools aren't used as much it catches people a little off guard.

Copycat killer - Possibly the best thing in the box, in my opinion. In my brief history of putting this irritating gnome to the field he has killed masses of stuff, including Ramos. Again, his gun is pretty crazy but his insta-kill on his shears catches many people out.

Sybelle - Ah, sweet Sybelle. The thing I like the most about this 'lovely' lady is the 'call belle' tactical action. Anytime any ability uses the term 'place' you know you are on to a winner. Most of my games, therefore, she has acted as a taxi service for my belles. I always buy her personal upgrades, however, because in the right situation that insta-kill or pseudo-obey can really turn the game.

Belle- The ability to teleport through Sybelle, give out slow, ca8 lure with a trigger to remove cards. I'd say more, but I think the internet is angry enough.

Bete Noir - My only purchase this month that isn't in the box. Why do I like this little lady? Well firstly, she's got girl parts (I think) so I think it's a nice themed addition to Seamus lovely ladies. I know the copy cat killer isn't a girl, but I am pretty sure Seamus hates him being around anyway... I certainly treat him like an agile corpse marker at times. Secondly, I love Bete's burying mechanic. Combining Seamus and his teleporting murder with Bete means I can have a significant model with 2ap anywhere where your model used to be. The only thing I have to remember is that it only works if said target would drop a corpse marker (or is sacrificed, but anyway) so it is more effective against some crews than other. Also, it also causes the world of headaches for people sometimes. I particularly like it when they have to kill my model in order to interact... but then Bete would turn up anyway! She has already gained a bad reputation at the club. But why wouldn't Seamus want a girl with a bad reputation in his crew?

My chosen Bete' sculpt. Big thanks to Cathy Winton for getting me the name plate from the plastic sprue and Mike Marshall for parting with this beauty 

So thems my choices. As you can see, however, I have already cheated a little bit. My Sybelle and Copy Cat killer are already painted. I haven't started the other models, however, and I do intend to rebase these ones so maybe you can let me off? I thought not, but the punishment is to watch me be flogged by Sybelle and I am pretty sure you don't want that either.

 So there we have it, my first entry. Hopefully at the end of the month I will have produced some painted dead things and reported on some battles to. One of my local clubs is starting the beta campaign and I have thrown my hat in as Ressers' so this sort of progresssion painting will work well with that. I just hope I find time to whip out my paintbrush... phnar.

Until next time, which hopefully won't be too long!

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